Monday, September 10, 2007

UGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Feeling like running away to a deserted island right about now!


peach said...

Can I come, too?

Seriously though, I will be praying for you, dear friend. May God sustain you today and in the days to come.

Kristy said...

Sweet friend, thank you. Thank you for sharing your life in a way that is raw and real and requires me to look from a different perspective. You are a beautiful person. A wife and mother non-stop and I can only imagine how tired and frustrated and overwhelmed you must feel sometimes. It makes me think of a simple saying I saw on one of the kid's stickers, F.R.O.G., Fully Rely On God. That is the only way this world is bearable! He is faithful. He proves this to me over and over even though I forget so easily His greatness and doubt His presence. Cling to Him! I heard a young woman at church a couple of weeks ago share her testimony of being married to an unbelieving husband and she was talking about how her relationship with God had grown. How she now goes to Him as an immediate response to whatever is happening in her life, rather than only as a last resort. I want to do that more too! To not look up from the bottom of the ditch and say "Where are you Lord?" but to grab His capable hand as soon as my foot begins to slip! I am praying for you tonight and I hope you find sweet, uninterrupted rest!!! Love you girl! :o)