Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Birthdays, MRI's, and Stuffy Noses...
We got more good news just in time for Jon's 10th birthday!!! My mom, Jon, Mya, and I traveled to Atlanta yesterday for our 3 month scan and drs appts. Jonathan is doing well... he is about as stable in every area as he could be. His scan actually shows a slight increase but they believe it is due to a different angle in the picture taking. They all agree it is stable! We can't ask for more than that!!!
His sinuses, as I expected, are worse then they were when we had the last scan. We are treating it with more antibiotics and then will begin with a prophylactic antibiotic for awhile. I don't have any good ideas for how to prevent the infections...anyone else have any ideas???
We enjoyed a special birthday party for Jonathan and Mya. Jon's best friend Noah came with his sweet family (his momma is becoming my new best friend!!!) and my family was here. It was fun to just be able to visit and not have any kind of "pressure" to party.
The next day I made Mya her own cake and we had a "party" outside so we could take pictures. Go here to see more of the celebration! She is so cute and so much fun. I love watching her learn new things everyday.
Well, we are off to another drs appt- this time to have a wart removed! Josh has kissed to many frogs I think!


Tina said...

Oh MYA, she is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!(grin) Those cheeks are just so smoochable! :):)
I love the way you set up her pictures!! They were all wonderful.
Keeping you all in prayer.

Kristy said...

Gorgeous picture!!! She's so adorable and so big! Hope everyone is feeling well!

Oh yeah, love the hot air balloon stuff too! What a great thing to have in your back yard huh? I've wanted to go to that for years now and just never made it....glad it is recurring!
Love ya!