Friday, July 13, 2007

Jon had his chemo today. Thank you for your prayers for his iron levels. His hemoglobin has come up slightly! His tummy has started being affected by the iron pills... so pray that he will not have an upset tummy. Any kind of vomiting or diarrhea is not good for him at all.
I am so exicted about the next couple of weeks. There is a family who Shawn works with who is also going to Atlanta to see our neurologist. Their appt is actually at the same time as ours! I am always happy to get to connect with new people in similar situations as we are. So we may get to have dinner with them Monday night.
The kids don't know this yet but on Friday night we are going to a production by the Morristown Theatre Guild. They are performing High School Musical which is my children's all time favorite movie. It is going to be a huge surprise!!!!!!
Then in a couple of weeks Bibleman is going to be on tour in Alabama. We are making plans to go down there for the show. I really want Jonathan to get to go to this show. He is still so into Bibleman...still says he is going to be Bibleman when he grows up.
I guess we have no idea how long we have with Jonathan. Really none of us knows how long we have with each other here on this earth. We are choosing to live each day as fully as we can. So I am determined to have fun and capture these opportunities for great memories as they come our way!


Heidi said...


That's awesome. I hope you all have a good time and are able to get some rest. Tell everyone hi. I'm praying for and love you Kelly.


Peach said...

So fun! I hope you all have a wonderful time at each event.

You are so right in that we don't know how long we have with anyone here on earth and that we need to make the most of each of the opportunities we're given to make those memories.