Thursday, July 12, 2007

Its official: I am now an "orientated" employee of Baptist Hospital. My orientation was this week...Shawn was out of town at a class for work. So the kids and I moved in with my mom and dad for a few days. It was such a blessing to know that my kiddos were in safe hands while I was gone. It was several long days and I was worried about leaving Mya for that long. Well she did amazingly well... it was probably good for her. This way she knows mom will always come back.

Thank you for your prayers this week. This was one of those times when I could just feel God's presence and protection and intervention. Everything just went so smoothly. I am excited... probably more than I should be. I kind of feel guilty for enjoying having another "occupation" besides mom. I know I shouldn't feel guilty. I am going to enjoy myself fully while I am gone and allow this opportunity to be the way God is going energize me for my calling as mother and wife.

Next week will be the scariest for me... I have only had pediatric patients. I only know how to use butterfly needles. I will have a full day at the hospital on Wednesday. I am nervous to say the least. But I can do this. I know I can. Give me a few weeks and I will be back to being good at it! I get to meet my new patients at 2 of the nursing homes on Thursday and Friday. One of the facilities is right across the street from where I live- how perfect is that????

In other news, Jonathan has chemo tomorrow. Hopefully, his iron level has improved. I will post what I find out. Then we leave on Monday for Atlanta. Jon has his MRI and oncology appt on Monday and then the four oldest have neurology appts on Tuesday. I am anxiously waiting to go to Atlanta. I want to know what is going on inside my child's brain.

I better run... we are off to the library, store and to take Britt to a birthday party.

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Peach said...

Don't feel guilty at all. God will take care of you and and your little ones while you're gone.

Praying for Jonathan today. Praying all goes well on your trip to Atlanta, too. Didn't know all four older ones needed neurology appts. Hope all goes well with that.

Need to check with you and see if you'll be home this coming Sat. I know the kids would love to see yours while we're in your neck of the woods.

I'll be praying diligently, sweet friend. Love you.