Friday, September 05, 2008

Utterly Worn Out!

What a day today has been. The kind of day that can only be summed up and washed away in a venti, extra hot white peppermint mocha from starbucks and a few quite moments alone. ( And if I wasn't so tired I'd bring you one, Gretchen!!!!)

We just coudn't get going today at all. We are all worn out from our first day at co-op yesterday. This was such a neat experience. Jonathan gets to actually be in 2nd grade classes the entire day and this was so perfect for him. He actually particpated in each part of the day. I was so happy for him to finally fit in. The other kids loved it. They were so happy to meet other kids and Jason even came home with the phone number of a new friend. I was the history teacher for 2nd grade and then assisted in various other classes the rest of the day. I am glad that I allowed myself to be talked into joining the co-op.

But it was more exhausting than I ever realized it would be. My kids are all worn out too. And Mya spiked a fever this morning and has been running one all day. Poor baby. She is so sweet...she threw up from the fever and said..."that puke is gross".

So with messy house and tired children, nasty coffee and nasty germs, burdened heart what more could happen??? Well, Jon has officially become unstable emotionally. He has had three outbursts today complete with destructive behavior, overwelming saddness and being unable to be reasoned with. On the outside I stayed calm, but inside every emotion was churning...I am not ready for this. What will I do if he starts to loose it? What is going to happen? I am standing in the kitchen thinking about mental hospitals etc. I am feeling slightly frustrated in the area of psychiatry and neurology...on Monday I am going to contact the oncologist in Denver and see what he can set up there. Please pray that he will hold it together- especially while my mom is here. I am really worried about this.

I have so much more to share and even more that I can't share but I am too tired! I am going to go and watch the republican convention speech with my hubby and rest. I hope that you will all have a restful weekend.


Gretchen said...

Seriously, it actually made me feel OLD being so tired! I hope everyone is feeling better this morning, and that the girls stay with Mya and nobody else ;) I am praying for Jon too, and I am glad that I can finally lend you my actual shoulder to cry on!

Tina said...

Praying for your whole family Kelly..(( ((HUG))))