Monday, September 15, 2008

Its been a crazy week around here! My mom came to visit this past week. We had a good time visiting. I had hoped to get out and about more while she was here but circumstances didn't allow many group outings. We did manage to squeeze in a few girls only outings to the store and for coffee. The highlights of the week:
* My sweet friend had her precious baby on Monday night. I was so exicted to be able to attend the birth and take pics for her. My best friend Gretchen came with me and helped capture these incredible moments. I am so excited to have a baby to take pictures of and to throughly spoil! He is so gorgeous and perfect. God never ceases to amaze me.

* Jonathan has had an incredibly hard week. With little or no psyciatric medicine in his system, he has begun crashing. On Monday evening, he went ballistic on me in Sam's club. Thankfully my friend was with me and I was able to leave the other children with her and quickly leave the store. It has been a long time since I have had spit in my face! The next morning I was able to get him back into the psychiatrist. We put him back on one of the meds but I am still not seeing full coverage. I am going to contact Denver and let them what is going on. The tics also got worse, not better, without the medicine. His whole body was moving constantly without and relief. This is totally breaking my heart. The other update is that the results of his sleep study shows moderate sleep apnea. So yet another thing to navigate through. One exciting thing from this week for Jonathan is that he has been approved for occupational and speech therapy through school. This is so exciting and something we have been fighting for for a very long time.
* My mom was such a blessing this week to me. We had a fun time on Wednesday night going to Walmart at 10pm and getting ready for co-op. We stayed awake until 2am making playdough, creating a roman city, and getting all the materials together for my history class. She also went with me to co-op and helped me teach the lesson. The pics below show all my wonderful students building the city!

Well, my kiddos are awake and I need to get them going on their school work. Have a wonderful day!


Tina said...

What precious photos Kelly! The baby is beautiful!!

Praying so fervently for Jon and for you. My heart breaks when I read what you all have to endure.

You amaze me Kelly that your faith nor love for God never wavers through all this. I suppose that comes from years of it being tried by fire.

Tina said...

sorry, I think that should say ever wavers.... Bad grammar.. shhhh don't tell!

Heidi said...

I'm praying for you!