Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's The Big Day!!!!

In a few short hours we will be closing on our new house. We are so excited. I think that I may be staying the night there so I can get things unpacked. Shawn has to go to a Sky Sox game and dinner tomorrow night for work so I think it will be good to have the time to get organized without the kids.

Yesterday we went to Denver for chemo and the multi-discipline clinic. There was a bad spring snow storm in the morning. Thankfully Shawn had decided to go with me and I didn't have to drive in it. We made it the hospital an hour late. This hospital is just WOW!!! It is an incredible facility. People are so friendly. They have free valet parking for patients. This is so wild... you can get out right in front of the hospital. When you come back out, they get your car, open the doors for you, help load your stuff, and then they wait for you to get in and they shut the door for you! It is so crazy!!!

Since we were an hour late I was worried about whether we could get everything done in time for the appts. This hospital is also one of the most efficient places I have ever been too. We checked in, went to radiology for a bone age x ray, checked in at clinic, saw the dr., accessed Jon's port, administered zofran and chemo all in one hour!!! If you are not a hospital veteran you might not appreciate this as much...but generally we wait an hour for each of these things to be done individually. Typically, a clinic visit for chemo and blood work last 3 we are so shocked to not be there longer than an hour.

Yesterday was a little different though. After chemo we went to lunch and then went back to the clinic to see all the doctors that are part of the neuro oncology team. One of the most stressful things for me in managing Jon's care is having to present his medical history over and over again. These drs had already gotten info from our oncologist in Knoxville and Atlanta. They had already all discussed Jonathan's case. What a relief to not have to bring all the drs together myself. So over the course of 4 hours we saw an endocrinologist, neuropsychologist, social work, dietician, nuerosurgeon, rehab doctor, and a neuro opthamaolgist. All I can say is WOW!!! more was accomplished in those 4 hours than has been in the past. I still can't digest it all. The greatest change is that Jon will get glasses. His vision is not good in his right eye and glasses will help protect his left eye from injury. The rehab dr. ordered physical therapy and occupational therapy. She said that there are wonderful therapists in Colorado Springs. Also, they have recommended getting Jon set up with special olympics and other special needs recreational activities. The endocrine dr. gave us a prescription for emergency cortef shots in the event of severe vomiting or other emergency. Not sure why he was not given this before. Social work gave us the name of an agency here in town that provides assistance. The neurosurgeon was wonderful...made us feel very comfortable about being able to call him should any shunt issues arise. All I can say is that I can see the hand of God all over this move!!!!

Well, I better get the kiddos dressed and ready for the day. Shawn should be finished with work in 3 hours and the excitement begins. Thank you all for your continued prayers. Oh- I almost forgot the most exciting news! We only have two more chemo treatments left!!!!!!


Tennessee Mama Duck said...

Oh, Kelly! It is so wonderful to hear how God is working in your lives! I'm excited for you! Praise God!

Jennifer said...

I love hearing everything is going so splendidly. It feels so good to ME to know that Jonathan is getting the best care, so I can't imagine how it feels for you, not to mention the fact that YOU are getting the best care now as his mother.

Anonymous said...

hey sis,im pregnant!just wanted you to know!love jen

Sarah Marie said...


It all sounds like things are fittign together the way only God could fit them. Praise Him for that! Keep in touch and maybe when you get settled and if you ever have a moment, we can talk on the phone. In the meantime, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. You can't know the joy in my heart being able to come here and read how you all are doing.. simply because for so long I was out of touch. I thank God daily for this chance!