Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Missing in Action?????

Sorry friends...I have been disconnected. Its quite unnerving for an internet crazy girl like me. It looks like I will remain without a connection for another few days. My darling husband has been thrust full force into a crazy work schedule so we have had no luck setting up cable and phone. Already my cell phone is out of minutes! Hopefully, Shawn will emerge from the insanity and can set up all the details for the things we need. I am not this point I am just happy to have electricity.

I have to tell you that I absolutely love my house. I am almost unpacked...well the majority of the main living areas are. Its so nice. Mya got a little sunburn yesterday from playing outside..she loves being able to go out with me having to be with her. As soon as I get connected again I will send pics.

Just a quick update and prayer request....Jon has a long day scheduled tomorrow in Denver. They are calling for snow tonight so hopefully we will not have weather issues. We have our first appt at 8:30 for a liver study. then chemo. then an mri and then back to clinic for the mri results. I am curious to see the status of this little guy has been having a few issues again but I am sure its just mommy nerves that are making me worried.
Well, I better run and get the quest for an internet connection it has been a journey- first a quick run through the chick fil a drive thru after Jon proceeded to throw up. Unfortunately we only had a cardboard shoebox for his use...just imagine that one. A great Target commercial for sure- Brittney looked at me and looked around the parking lot. A second later she proclaimed Oh good Mom! There is a Target so you can buy a new shirt!

Until next time...hopefully sooner than later!


Tennessee Mama Duck said...

It's good to hear from you! After all the rush, rush, rushing you've had to do it must be good to be able to unpack - not on a deadline! Plus no phone or internet to distract you! Well, soon enough you'll be back to the real world! Will be praying for Jon's visit tomorrow...

Tina said...

Been missing you Kelly! Look forward to seeing more pictures of your house.

And praying for Jon tomorrow.