Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is coming. We are looking forward to going to Tennessee in a few days, where I hear Spring has already sprung. I love to watch creation come alive again after a period of rest. Its such a picture of our walk with Christ.

I'm leaving in a couple of hours for Denver with Jonathan. We are meeting with anesthesia to discuss his needs for his upcoming surgery. He will have his MRI around 3:15. We will meet with the oncologist right after the MRI and hopefully be home in time for church.

I am fairly certain that Jonathan's recent issues are all part of this sinus mess he can't get rid of. His speech is so slurred that it is hard to understand him. It takes a lot of mental energy just to understand what he is saying. He is counting down the days until his surgery. He hopes it will finally make him feel better.

I will post again as soon as I have the MRI results.

While you are praying for Jon, please add his special friend Sydney to your prayers. The two of them spent many hours playing together during their trips to oncology clinic. She is having scans done today due to a possible reoccurance of her cancer. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray for our kiddos.


Emily said...

Jonathan is a sweet kid, hope he's feeling better soon. Let us know if we can help out in any way!

Jennifer said...

When will you be in Tennessee? Jason and I will be there the 28 - 30th. Can you email me? My email address is my first and last name at, I still check the juno address on occasion.