Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jonathan had an appointment on Tuesday with a sinus specialist in Denver. After seeing Jonathan and talking with the doctor. here who did his most recent sinus surgery, the doctor feels he needs to have another surgery. As much as I hate for him to go through another painful procedure, I have to agree with the doctor.

The child's nose is a mess. His septum is so deviated that the nasal passage is too narrow for the smallest instrument they had in the office. His CT scan is nasty looking. His ear is infected because of all the inflammation and infection. On top of all this, Jonathan is unstable with his moods. It always happens when he is sick. Without fail. But knowing this does not make it any easier.

We are in the process of getting surgery scheduled. Most likely, we will wait until we return from Tennessee. He is scheduled for his 3 month MRI scan on March 18th. Please pray for Jonathan- for the surgery to be successful, for his scan to be stable, and for him to get into the psychiatry office in Denver as soon as possible. I am attempting to get his care transferred there so that we will have continuity of care with all the doctors should he require inpatient care to stabilize his moods.

Thank you all for being there, for praying for us, and for loving us.

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