Thursday, June 19, 2008

I want to but how....

All my blog friends...I need your help. I am trying to learn how to better manage my home in a godly way. I have many ideas swimming around in my head. I have a tendency though to quickly get carried away and overwhelmed with unrealistic expectations. This almost always leads to failure and despair. So I was wondering would any of you be willing to share with me what works for your family. I would like to know what system you use for chores/ responsibilty building, family time, consistency with discipline (do you use a "chart", rules, etc), and mostly how you incorporate spritual training into your family life.

I would really appreciate any suggestions, experiences, and help you can share! Please leave me a comment or email me privately at



Tina said...

Kelly, I will email you later.

Jennifer said...

Well, no kids for me, and I can't imagine taking care of one let alone five!

One thing that has helped me in my small household is meal planning and collecting and organizing recipes. It's helped with stress, saved time, saved money and I've lost 18 pounds!