Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Day Take One!

We attempted to go hiking today. We have all planned and waited all week for today. It was going to be a perfect hike starting early...sunrise, maybe. That way we would have plenty of time to get in a few miles before it stared to get hot or rainy or both. Like all perfect days- the perfection of this day was lost in a dream. First, my sunrise hike was delayed by my later than sunrise awakening. I actually slept with Mya until 10:30!!!! I must have been tired. We finally got the energy and desire to hit the road afternoon. With a quick stop at the Chick Fil A drive thru ,courtesy of our local library reading program , we were on our way. We had every intention of hiking in the Garden of Gods. We even went there, stopped in the vistor's center, and drove through the entire park but never got out. We decided to wait until the other tourists go home! Even after calling my friend for directions to another local hiking location we made a wrong turn and kept on going. We found out selves in explorer mode so we kept on going until we had no idea where we were. Needless to say the kids were not too happy- we never made it hiking. But we had great time bonding as we wound our way through a dirt road made for 4-wheelers. We went 100 miles out of the way just to make a huge circle! So one trip to sonic for happy hour slushes, one stop at a local campground for a picture of where we were (and my apparent dyslexic memory that thought we were going to Salida when in fact we were going to sedalia. A huge difference let me tell you- Salida- a huge camping/hiking area near a river. Sedailia- a tiny town off of this dirt road (22 miles exactly on this road) in between Denver and Colorado Springs.), A few pullovers for potty stops, one pit stop as Jon threw up from carsickness, a few prayers that Jason wouldn't follow suit, and a tempermental air conditioner later we finally made it back! We stopped at the outlet stores in Castle Rock just to get out of the car and let everyone's tummies settle. Dinner was at Applebees- again thanks to the library the kids all are free. Finally we made it home at 9 and quickly sent them all off to bed.
I have to tell you in closing that I love where I live. I love the beauty that surrounds us. I love that we can get lost there and find our way back out. I am glad that I am married to this incredible man who takes his responsibility and care for our family very seriously. I love this new life God has given us! Now I am off to join my hubby for a nice quiet movie without children!!!

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Tennessee Mama Duck said...

What a beautiful day! It is great that you were able to just go with the flow of it all!