Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update on Jon:
Yesterday morning he woke up with a migraine. Throughout the day he didn't feel well but seemed to be ok. Maybe he just had a bad headache in the night. Who knows?
We are off to go grocery shopping and hopefully have warm weather so we can work in the yard.
Thanks for your prayers.

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Kristy said...

Hello sweet friend!!! I have thought and thought of you guys, even emailed, but wasn't sure if it was even the right one....and it didn't occur to me until now to just check your blog!!! I'm still kinda new with the bloggin' thing! :) Anyway, I'm so glad I did! The kids all look so great! I'm sorry to hear Jon isn't feeling well though. I've got your link on my blog now, so I'll watch it better now! Love to you all!! And how appropriate that the flower you got the beautiful pic of in the snow would be the same as the one that's always been on your blog!!!