Monday, October 15, 2007

Thank you all for your prayers today. I wish I could go into great detail...maybe someday I will have the permission I need in order to share the whole story. But I do have to tell you my heart is leaping with anticipation and excitement. Tonight after a full day of interceeding for this person who is so dear to my heart I heard words I could only dream of hearing: " I met Jesus!"

These words and the ones that followed brought me to tears. God truly does use the bad for good. He has heard as we have prayed for salvation... a true saving knowledge of the Lord that brings forth life and desire. I listened to a heart that appears to be finally surrendered apply all that he knows is truth... questions that caught me by surprise: What will my spiritual gift be? What if I don't like my gift can I ask for a new one? Do I have to only listen to chrisitian music? Even down to a commitment to tithe.... this one cracked me up!

I feel like a mama who has just given birth. Now the hard part begins. The everyday training and growing and teaching and loving. Oh, God give me the grace and knowledge, wisdom, and love. Tonight I am going to rest thanking God that he gave me the will to obey him no matter what the circumstances appear to be. Please keep praying for God to show himself so real and so big!


Tina said...

Praise God!

Jennifer said...

How exciting!

I didn't know you had a blog!!! I'll be checking from now on!