Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Reading through some old journals this morning, I came across the lyrics of a song that used to minister to me. I thought the words kind of spoke to the way I have been feeling this week.

Learning To Trust In You

That's why I am learning to trust in you
In Everything I do
Learning to trust in you
Cause I know in my heart that you're true
But sometimes its so hard to do

Father, little children must grow up
and to grow we've got to learn to trust
and to trust we've got to cling to you
And when you tell me you will hold me close
Its the very thing I want the most
but its the very hardest thing to do
I've got this pain inside me
It speaks to me loud and clear
When there's so much to gain theres always so much to lose
Whatever I lost, I'll find in you.

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