Friday, May 01, 2009

Sorry for my lack of posting. Its been a rough week and the last thing I have had energy for has been to relive the events of it through my blog. I am so grateful for all of you who have been checking in and praying for us and Jon. I know that God is answering those prayers...we are all still here!!!!

Jonathan has been in a manic state for the past couple of weeks. During these times he becomes so hard to live with. He is fixated on things, compulsive, obsessive, irrational, and explosive. We are averaging 20 melt downs a day over any little thing. I can't say no at all without it turning into a massive explosion. He is biting himself, scratching himself, and threatening to hurt himself and everyone else. He says the most awful things that remind us that this is this nasty disease and not our precious child.

We should have had a psych consult while he was inpatient. At least then we would have seen the dr. We have been on a waiting list to see psych for the past couple months. Finally, on Thursday we were able to get the urgency through to the drs. The psych dr. we needed to see was out of town but personally called and opened his schedule for Jon. So we finally have an appt. on May 14th. Should be a long day- chemo starts that day, mri is supposed to be scheduled, and then psych appt.

I am tired tonight so that's all for tonight.

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