Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thank you all for your continued prayers. We think we may finally have an answer on what is wrong with Jonathan. His adrenal gland appear to not be working correctly. Some of you may remember when Jon had his very first surgery this was the one thing we specifically asked God to keep intact-it was the scariest thing to me to have to deal with. We have been blessed to have the last 4 years with it working properly. I am so thankful because had it not been I am not sure the last few years would have been very "surviveable".

Even now I feel like God is still answering this prayer. While the functionality of the glands has drastically slowed down they have not completely stopped. We will begin giving him meds that will act as the cortisol that our bodies naturally produce to help us deal with stress and sickness. I am hopeful that after a few days he will be feeling better and be able to fight the infection he has right now. Maybe he will feel better in the long run.

Also, a huge answer to prayer was that he definately does not have any infection in his blood.

Thanks for your prayers through this crazy weekend!

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