Saturday, January 27, 2007

Can I just say I hate sickness????? Our house has become an infirmary. And I must admit that this morning I do not feel like a very good nurse. I would rather just go back to bed. Between trying to find food that my children will actually eat and keeping up with all their medicines and the bad moods from feeling so cruddy I feel slightly overwhelmed.

As I write this this morning I am reminded that this too is temporary. We will make it through until tomorrow. I am reminded that heaven waits just around the corner. As Josh says, "It could be today, Mom, we never know, right?" Oh, how I pray it is today.

Today I will lift my eyes toward heaven, call upon my healer and helper, and cling to his arms as they wrap around me carrying me through what appears to be a rough day. He is able to do all that I can't... Today I will rest in that.


Lovestoworship said...

Hope folks are better soon!!! :)

Peach said...

Just found you, because Sweetcheeks is "organizing" the pile of junk on my dresser and happened upon the darling photo of your family and your Christmas letter.

Libbyline wanted to find you, so here we are : )

I'm going to add you to my blog roll so I can check more often.

Praying for you today and hoping the week has brought health with it.