Saturday, October 07, 2006

Recently I have discovered the blogs of several of my friends. I have been blessed by their entries. I have felt connected to them again. I have been intrigued by this opportunity to share my heart with the world. So many thoughts and questions and circumstances fill my day... and so often there is no where to let all these out... my hope is to fill the pages of this blog with these thoughts and in turn somehow be a blessing to someone.

Come what may... my life has been full of ups and downs, tragedy and great joy, trials and moments of peace. Through it all I have been brought to a place in my relationship with my Lord where I can say ( and fully embrace) this one statement: Come what may I will choose to remain His. I can not walk away... where would I go? As a worship song states... where would I go? My Lord is not only the giver of life but is life itself. Without him I would have nothing. So no matter what I am his and I will cling to him... Come What May...

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